I was wondering what labs will be next so I could brush up on the subject in the meantime.

I was wondering what labs will be next so I could brush up on the subject in the meantime. Also is there an approximate day the new labs will start? Thanks

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There is no project ready to go on the experimental side, so there will be at least a small break in designing puzzles for the synthesis.  How long the hiatus will be, or what the next experiment will be, there’s no clear indication yet.

Personally, I think this is opportunity for players to energize the community with an activity that doesn’t require much, if any, new development.  For example, I think Eterna players have not begun to understand all that the data we already have collected can tell us about RNA folding, and I would love to be part of a player-based data analysis activity.  But that is just my own leaning.  It might be something entirely different that could generate wide-spread player interest.

Hey Omei,

I’ve had an idea for some time for analysis involving the classification of secondary structures for switches. Unfortunately, Boris doesn’t know how or where to start with coding the thing. Interested in trying a light implementation of it?

Hi Brourd!

First let me say that I have also wondered about this. In one of the early rounds of Johan’s experiments, I created a spreadsheet that calculated some basic switch “features”, such as the number of hairpin loops in each state, imported it into a fusion table, and came up with some observations that seemed to hold up in later, similar, labs.  Since then, I have continued to think about “advantageous” and “disadvantageous” secondary and tertiary structure, but not to the point of developing a useful classification system.  So I am very interested in such a project.

But I should also say that I’m already involved in many Eterna projects, and never feel I’m doing full justice to any of them.  So before I get involved in a new one, I would want to think that there is enough player interest that more than just the two of us could contribute to the project, and that the end result could be a publishable Eterna player-written paper.

How does that fit in with your thoughts?

Sounds good! I’ll PM some details about related stuff.

PM sent

I imagine you are already aware of these, but if not,

These papers may be of interest in such a project:


I would be interested in hearing more about your ideas on this matter, if you are willing to send them.

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