Next-Genaration Sequencer 4 out of 11

I’m trying to figure out the fourth puzzle in the Next Generation Sequencer level 4 out of 11.  The hint said that the 1-12 pair should be GU and the 3-10 pair should be GC but it didn’t work.  ANd nothing I tried in order to boost worked.  Could you help me out?

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Did you make the 2-11 pair an AU? And an A in position 4 should give the necessary boost.

I did make the 2-11 pair an AU, but thanks for the advice on the A in position 4.

I put an A in postion 4, but that didnt’ really work.

I’m afraid that this is the closes I got to solving the puzzle.

Have you been working on this puzzle for 2 years? Perhaps we need to make our puzzle progression a little less rigorous. Try a G at 5. Go into puzzle settings and turn on Display free energies.

I did that and it didn’t work.

There are only supposed to be three pairs. Make 4 a G and 9 an A.