Player Puzzles Feedback

Thank you jee and the eterna team for releasing Player Puzzles.

We should be able to come up with some very interesting puzzles :wink:

There are just a few things that would improve it though.

  1. Being able to reset the puzzle. Back to standard A-only.
  2. Energy Window
  3. Highlighting of the Brackets. Easier to tell if the bracket has been paired up or not.
    Or some other way to find out where a bracket is missing and/or is needed.
  4. Being able to post up the same shape, so we can do Stage Puzzles. With more and more conditions, at each stage.
  5. If possible, a Puzzle Designer leaderboard. With various stats. Number of Puzzles designed, Number of times puzzles have been solved. And I’m sure there are other metrics that could be included…

Thank you for your time! :slight_smile:

  1. Min and max of each pair
  2. Number of bases in a sequence, Include or exclude
  3. Once you solve a puzzle you can copy it and use it as a base for your future puzzles.
  4. Increasing the dot bracket notation box, to be as wide as possible.
  1. A small niggle - but can we have ‘continue to next player puzzle’ option on the submission screen - similar to the >>> on the normal puzzle screen?

Berex and chaendryn suggestion list.

1)yes, Needed when designing and playing.
3)yes – would make it easier.
4)yes, if a player wanted to make a puzzle series this would make it a lot easier for them to do so.
9)yes and a scroll bar like we have in Lab interface.

  1. Provide puzzle designers with the ability to lock bases, like in the tutorials
  2. Provide top players (such as Berex & Jee) the ability to add more than three puzzles per day - maybe the top 20?
  1. We should get points for creating puzzles as well as solving them.
  2. The puzzles should not all be worth the same amount of points because some are a lot harder than others.

I agree, but the question is what should the reward system be such that we are not encouraging people to create that are a) super easy, b) super hard, c) of low quality, etc. just to get some quick points.

Also, how does one quantify the “difficulty” of a puzzle? Hopefully, this should be able to be done automatically by some computer program so it is more objective.

I think your idea about locking bases is a good idea, I added it to the bug tracker as bug 438. Thanks for the feedback, the dev team will discuss this idea soon.

Great idea, I added it to the bug tracker as number 445

great ideas, I added #9 to the bug tracker as number 444.

Initially I think you should count number of bases and put that into various score bands. And a second factor to consider would be ratio of dots to brackets. I would say generally more dots vs brackets would mean its harder.

  1. A eterna clock, so not only can we measure how long we have to submit our labs by, but also when we will be able to create more puzzles. Trying to submit at the moment, and its not letting me. I’m thinking maybe its cos it hasnt been 24 hours yet, since my last puzzle submission?
  1. Being able to paste in a sequence as well. That way I can test new models on past lab shapes.

Mpb21 - I agree with your comments.

Good idea, I added it to the bug tracker at number 446.

Sorting by puzzle maker, newest and puzzle rating (or puzzle name if puzzle rating is hard to implement) would have been useful in the player puzzles section! :slight_smile:

In addition to some of the things listed above (especially the energy window, reset-to-A, and wider notation box with scrollbar), I’d like to have some way to be notified when people leave comments on our designs (this would be really nice in lab as well).

  1. being able to see the first 20 people who have solved each puzzle.
  1. Yeah! Seems kind of lame to solve a puzzle you just made (and solved to get it published), to aquiret the meagre reward of 100 points, not to mention the fact that if you solve your own puzzle, after publishing, in order to get a reward - you mess with the statistics of persons that solved the challenge.

Yes, the honour of being at the 20 first list will act as an incentive to solve the hardest puzzles :slight_smile: I hope players use the difficulty rating, and that the eterna team implement ‘sort by difficulty’ as a sorting option :slight_smile: