pseudomonus problem

I am stuck on the pseudomonus challenge. My figure is stable except fot the 2 little
loops at the to and the top right. Is help available?

I’m having the same issue. There’s no way to lock down those two loops that I can find, even by using G-C pairs all around it.

It’s Pseudomonas Putida, just to clarify, and so it shows up in topic searches if other people are looking.

It’s the single-pair “stack” in the upper-right corner, and the single-pair “stack” just to the right of the top T connection.

I fixed the pair at the T junction by changing the yellows in the loop to the right to blues. This changes the energy in that loop from .4kcal to -.3 kcal.

Still stuck on the other pair though.

still cant stabilise the top right NN-NN-[NN]-NN-[NNN]] structure (where braketed pairs are forming loop space. my current arrangement GC-GC-[GA]-CG-[AAA]] the problem is the CG which opens. the first loop is o.4 the second is 5.7.

My arrangement is GC-GC-[UU]-GC-[AAA]. First loop is -0.3, second is 5.7.

Doesn’t seem to be any way to get the energy in the second loop down.