Puzzle Solutions for Christmas Continued :)

Here are two more solutions I decided to post :slight_smile:

Loop String 3 - I posted a partial solution to this puzzle some time ago, and only one person solved it. It is an interesting puzzle, as it is one of the only ones that I could get the special energy lowering properties of a GU pair in a stack to be required, Here, the AU, GU, and AU pair stacked with the U’s in line have a total energy of -1.9, compared to the -1.8 with stacked UA pairs. When the AU pairs are flipped to try and raise the energy more than -1.9, it causes massive mispairing, preventing the flipping. So by small increments, the GU pairs raise the negative energy of the stacks just enough to be stable :slight_smile:

Something Extra - Another puzzle where bases are required outside of the normal bonus areas, this puzzle also contains the solution to Small and Easy, a puzzle that seems to confound so many.

If there are any other puzzle solutions any player would like to see, they can either post here, or they can start a new forum, called “Solutions we would like to see from Brourd, because Seven is not Enough.”

So then, for all those players out there having problems solving my puzzles, here is a word of advice. Eterna is a mathematical game of balance, one just needs to know how to tilt the scale in their favor. With my puzzles, it is all about thinking outside the realm of traditional thinking, to figure out what could be changed in order to solve the puzzle. So until eternity ends, may you all have a Merry Christmas, and good luck.

Basically, is it true that most of these solutions depend on making the energy of the unwanted structures higher and not on making the energy of the wanted structures lower?

Or more precisely on stopping the screwups from forming instead of the desired shape. Most of the time you can narrow that down to a single shape though.

this seems to me to be the basis of solving every puzzle