Puzzle Solutions for Christmas :)

For Christmas, I decided to post a few solutions to some puzzles, mostly because I don’t think it is fair to keep some of these wonderful solutions away from players. Especially when they can learn so much. I was originally going to do a poll, but I had a weird feeling that all the puzzles voted for would be Four Parallelograms or 1-2 Loop Curve. Maybe next year ;). No, the puzzles I have chosen are ones that I know will be useful for the future endeavors of players who try to solve my puzzles. So a Merry Christmas to everyone :slight_smile:

Isolated Shape 1 - A puzzle where the GC pair is flipped in the multiloop, and boosted with a G, for a mino energy bonu. The U in the multiloop, may or may not have to be there, I chose the solution I could remember :slight_smile:

Curving Zigzag Ends - Same solution as curving zigzags, except the right side needs a UUCG tetraloop bonus to be solved. Very Cool :slight_smile:

Sierra Star - Has a typical solution for the zigzag, but the 1-1 loop has to be either an AC or UC mismatch to be solved.

Small and Easy 3 - Needs a mutated base in the loop in order to be solved. Version 2 is similar, but it is different :slight_smile:

The other solutions I have chosen will be in a second post.

Absolutely, unbelievable solutions!!! I don’t think I ever would have solved these puzzles if left to my own devices. Now however, I will try to implement your techniques in future puzzles, thank you.
What a thoughtful Christmas gift :slight_smile: Ahhhhh, yours is, ahhhh, in the mail :wink: lol

Merry Christmas!

Thanks for the puzzle solutions. I knew you were thinking outside the box, but some of these aren’t even in sight of the box. I’ve had my mind expanded as to what is possible in this game. Thanks again.

I am absolutely astounded!! You have turned what I thought i knew completely upside down. I’ll have plenty to think over as I experiment with your puzzles - the use of GU bonds, in particular the use of “boosters” where I was convinced they didn’t matter.

I see why I solve ~1 of your puzzles. Simply amazing. Thank you.

From the master puzzler himself comes great insight…: )