Puzzle sticky

What does ALT click (an NT) supposed to do? It makes a triangle instead of a circle like “Ctrl click (an NT) highlights the NT just clicked” does. Is sticky the correct verbiage?

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About a year ago, I presented the feature in a blog post: http://www.eternagame.org/web/blog/5452094/ watch the video at the bottom, it’ll give you a sense of what it’s for.

Briefly, it’s useless in puzzles without structural flexibility (no purple segments in the outlines), but if the puzzle has some, it lets you define your own structure within those segments.

As for naming, I’ve heard different things like “stack painting tool”, but I prefer the “magic glue”, 'cause it’s kinda cute :slight_smile:

OK, “magic glue” it is.  Without looking at the video yet, this is what I was hoping to do:
Take a previous lab, top scoring designs, “glue” segments of each design so everything
else is flexible, and resubmit as a new lab to see if one “glue” is better than any other or
if no glue is any better then the high scoring designs would be “design” specific. Sort of a glue generic vs specific design lab. There is a “Shine–Dalgarno sequence” that does specific stuff so who knows,