Recording results - how is this done?

I filled out all the nucleotides in a puzzle, and the thumbnail formula color has now turned from red to white. No red can be seen. How do I know when this puzzle actually completed? (As was the case with the tutorials). The power goes off, is my effort stored anywhere? How do I store and recover puzzles in progress?

Hi mgbunem,

You will know that your puzzle has “cleared” when you hear the music and see the bubbles while watching the points added to your score. Your rank number and will also be there.

Your RNA box can be white and not be cleared because of requirements of the puzzle such as the need to add GU pairs that have not been completed. You can see what the requirements there are to solve the puzzle in the top left side of the screen.

As you work on a puzzle your effort is stored automatically. You can actually flip to another puzzle or even lose your power and you can bring up your work again when you turn on the puzzle. Pretty neat!