Should I make a guide?

Hello all,

Lately, I’ve been thinking of creating a guide here on getsat. However, I have not been able to think of a topic, and I am here asking players to give me some suggestions as to what they think should be in my guide.

Thanks everyone, I look forward to your suggestions

For sure Brourd. You have special knowledge on energy, and sqeezing the life out of the robots. I would love if you do.

Especially some of that tricky loops of yours, needs an explanation.

Well, the info on energy can be gained by reading through this…

But, I could still do a guide on loops, but I think they already have that…

Most people don’t get through that dokument. I will give it a try now. But please… :slight_smile:

You should if you want to. You could explain how to create good puzzles or how some of the nuances in the energy model can be exploited in more difficult puzzles