Supercomputer 14

Hi everybody,
I read a lot of thing about this level, I’ve tried for along time, but I can’t do it !
Is anybody can help me ?

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One of the comments says to place a C at the main RNA sequence # 66.  If you do that, look for a base in the TB-A oligo that would match this “C” base.  There are two.  #66-C will bind with TB-A # 106 or 100. Both are G’s.  Continue to select bases from 67 and up to compliment the TB-A oligo.  It will take several bases to make a strong enough attraction to pull in TB-A.  When it does, see what happens to the MS2 hairpin. You need a series of bases that will break the MS2 hairpin. ( Hint: one will and one won’t).
This is not a solution it is a start of a solution :slight_smile: