Switch tutorials and Android app.

When do the switch and lab tutorials come out? Are there any strategy guides for the switches? Also, I downloaded the Android app but it was just a link to the browser page. Will there be an Android app that doesn’t require flash player and if so, when?

Hi treefort,

The switch tutorials are underway - we have designed several already but have not been able to implement them yet because of how much work it took to upgrade to EteRNA 2.0. I unfortunately can’t give a definite timeline yet, but they should hopefully be up soon!

Hi treefort,

As Tom said, the switch tutorials are on their way. We don’t have definite plan for the mobile apps yet, but we are hoping to look into it once we get some dev resources freed up from RNA switch and scripting interface features.

When will we see the switch tutorials? I thought I saw that they were available-were they blocked somehow when the new badges cam out?