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Quick explanation of our approach:
Our base-2 systems model shows how an RNA nucleotide triplet will consist of sub-codon nucleotide triplets it itself will appear in at deeper levels. In other words, what an RNA codon consists of is what that codon appears in at deeper levels. There are literally thousands of ways sub-codons can join to form any of the RNA codons and go on to create the same amino acid; but there is only one way for sub-codons to form each DNA codon. Our model clearly shows this relationship between RNA and DNA and how everything necessary to code for an amino acid and make a protein preexists at deeper RNA nucleotide triplet levels. This RNA –DNA relationship may shed light on how a 10 million nucleotide base long amino acid can fold into a protein in seconds; and suggests a possible evolutionary bridge between non-living organizing systems and living organisms. Our model shows how each RNA nucleotide triplet has a unique color and function that remains consistent across dimensional lines, planes, spaces and scales, three levels deeper than is currently proposed. These findings suggest that DNA codons are not degenerate and the wobble theory is inaccurate. The purpose of this paper is to redefine, revitalize and redirect current methods to decipher the human genome by introducing a standard color balanced base-2 system template.

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You have gone far and beyond the call. I’m super interested. I’ll have to think about this more carefully before I’ll comment.

I have requested your paper, looking forward to read your theories regarding the relation between RNA and DNA :slight_smile:

Could you post the pdf online somewhere?

Your terminology is confusing, you’re mixing up DNA, RNA and proteins in “10 million nucleotide base long amino acid can fold into a protein in seconds”. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, nucleotides are the building blocks for DNA and RNA.

And when a protein folds itself there is no RNA involved, I absolutely do not understand what you are claiming here.

Thank you Fabian.

Step back with us and look at the entire picture. If we confuse the terminology it is because we are still learning the molecular language – much the same way we taught ourselves base-2 systems and learned how to solve ETERNA challenges.

How do we phrase that DNA has a deeper order and connection at three layers deeper than is currently thought?

James Gleick (author of CHAOS) said that mathematics without pictures is masochism. We don’t want to alienate the bright people like yourself. That is why we added the images.

Our interpretations and phrasing may indeed be wrong and confusing – but look at the images the mathematics produce. Why is there greater order at lower levels?

We believe the images show the four hallmarks of chaos theory: universality, self-similarity, scaling and flow.

Flow wants to realize itself.