The new browser is not ready to take over

We need the classic browser back around until the new browser is actually capable of allowing us to perform the same tasks as before, when we design and do analysis.

The classic browser is stress tested during many years. Nando and Jnicol have fixed its biggest problems so it is now supporting our work in an easy manner. This is not yet the case for the new browser.

While the new browser has cool new options, many of the most basic functions are still missing.

We need to be able to see the design structure - else we can’t make good use of the results from the earlier round to improve designing from this round.

We need to be able to view design description and copying out sequence to modify designs and be able to experiment on them. All these are things that are crucial for designing and analysis. This not being possible, gets in the way of us making good use of the lab results we have gotten back.

This is a problem!

Please come with your input. What options do you miss? What things would you like to see? Lets help Omei work out the wrinkles.


Wish number 1  - seeing the design structure

For many of the latest archived labs, it is not possible to see the 2D designs structure. We depend on them for analysis. Without the design structure, we can’t learn from past results to improve on current round.

This is already a problem as I now see even fewer of the new lab designers use past results for designing. We get a lot of from scratch design - which is good - but without being able to see and learn from the earlier results, designing is blind and we are not benefiting as we should from our precious lab results.

2D design structure as seen in the classic browser…

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Stability - columns and headlines

The new browser is not yet stable when it comes to displaying the results.

A known and recurring problem is that column headers slide in relation to the columns. This makes reading out results far more tedious than it has to be.

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Copy out sequences

When I design for lab, I regular modify or do experiments to a design from the earlier round. To do this I need to be able to copy the sequence out from the archived data. The new browser have no sequence copy function.

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Copy out link

When I refer to a design I modify, I typically leave a link back to the original design in my design description.

Leaving a link to the design I get inspired from is both a courtesy to the original designer, but also a help for analysis when we get the data back. Then I can easier see if what I intended really did work compared to what I started from.

Idea: If copying out sequence and referencing URL, and original score could be done in one go - in other words supported by the interface, that would be even better. We still need to be able to get either of these individually.

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I agree with Eli the 2D design structure is still needed for analysis.

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Omei and the developers in general are doing a great job. While they continue the Reorg. of the browser, I’ve used a work around to access past labs. 

LABS, Project ID’s, puzzle ID’s Design(solution) ID’s.

Example LAB: Next Generation Riboswitches On Chip, (R1). 

Project ID# 5851792.


Exclusion  NG 1 Puzzle ID# 5851774.

Exclusion  NG 2 Puzzle ID# 5851780.

Exclusion  NG 3 Puzzle ID# 5851784.

Same State NG 1 Puzzle ID# 5851785.

Same State NG 2 Puzzle ID# 5851787.

Same State BG 3 Puzzle ID# 5851791.

The Project ID# is the alternate description of the Lab Name.  

This lab contains 6 sub-labs.  

The puzzle ID# is the alternate description of the sub-lab name.   

The sub-lab has a list of Design iD’s for that sub-lab.  

The Design id’s are the individual lab shape designs for the sub-lab.


Project ID#, Puzzle ID#, Design ID# is the hierarchy.

Original (old) URL format: ID#/. 

Goes to the Lab description page which should include the subl-lab icons. ID#/. 

Goes to a list of the design ID#’s in the puzzle ID sub-lab. 


The “/“ symbol must be at the end of the URL for a successful search.

It would be helpful if there was a spreadsheet to reference past labs to ID numbers :slight_smile:


Neat Whbob!

I did notice that you were one of the few who did manage to get to and use the past lab results. :slight_smile:

From what I understand, design ancestors is now tracked for more recent puzzles (ie when you copy a design, it should record what you copied it from via the in-game browser) but this information is not displayed in the interface itself. I could probably script up a viewer that displays the entire ancestry as a tree kind of thing if I get the chance. Of course this would ideally be integrated more into the interface, both for displaying the history and navigating to the data for any of the related designs.

This does still exist, it is only available via the in-game browser (accessed via the hamburger menu while in the puzzle). Ideally this should be available via the web browser, I agree.

Actually I take that back. It doesn’t appear that the data is available via the API at this point. Hopefully it will be available soon.

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Just wanted to say thanks for giving it a go.

My problem is that the Lab archive that I go to as usual, via the hamburger menu, for a lot of the past labs now sends me directly into the new browser and not the classic browser where the option is available.

For all the ones I tried, this worked:


Thx LFP for finding a backdoor that doesn’t take url editing.

Usually we can get to the designs directly by taking the Sequence button, without having do do things backwards.

At least the information is being tracked (at least as long as it’s being stored, I do know that t’s being sent), so it is there to be used.

And again, the link copying feature is still there in the in-game browser.

Actually, when you hit sequences before, it still wasn’t the same one! If you remember from quite a while back, there only used to be the Flash browser, then they introduced one in HTML5. The Flash one stuck around within the game, and the HTML5 one was accessible via the sequences button. This one has been replaced, but not the one in-game.

I’ve been doing the same thing as Champion.

For the record, I completely agree that the new browser is not ready to take over from the legacy (Flash) one.  I certainly still use both, even for labs that have data in the new browser’s database.

I am currently working with Nando to get the 2D structure into the browser by embedding a reduced-functionality version of the flash applet there.  I have two different UI possibilities in mind and could use some player feedback.  But I’ll post that in the topic.

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