Tools in EteRNA

Until a new tutorial can be made to explain, this will have to suffice to explain some of the tools in EteRNA that are not explained elsewhere.

Selecting nucleotides:
Use number keys 1-4.
‘1’ = A (yellow)
‘2’ = U (blue)
‘3’ = G (red)
‘4’ = C (green)

‘5’ = Flip nucleotide pair

To paint a nucleotide, click on one. To paint multiple nucleotides, click and drag over multiple nucleotides.

Tagging a nucleotide:
PC: Control-click on a nucleotide
Mac: Command-click on a nucleotide

Undo: ‘Z’
Redo: ‘Y’

Space: toggle between target and natural mode

‘R’ = reset level to all A’s

‘+’ = Zoom in
‘-‘ = Zoom out

Also see “Hot Keys documentation” posted by Spmm and added to by madde.…

Posted a few weeks ago

Thank Matt for all the information and guides you have made.

Isn’t that just a dupe? Reason I ask: mini-docs like this can fork … good additions to one or another, not always in sync.

Q, W, and E can be used to place base pairs (AU, GU, and GC, respectively). It’s pretty great.

Also check out this more complete collection of shortcuts and tool setting explanations.

EteRNA Toolbox