WHAT DO I DO??? (I am such a newbie)

I know this sounds really well, dumb but I just started playing eteRNA and although I aced the tutorials I still don’t get how to follow the “White Outline.” What do I do??

Hi Poppy!

Glad you got through the tutorials. Your puzzle will get stable and white in the outline, when the basepairs are pairing. You can see if a pair of bases break or a bigger part of the puzzle is mispairing, by hitting space. That will show you how the structure is actually binding. If all basepairs binds as they should, the puzzle will turn white when it is stable.

You will need to meet constraints - have the correct amount of AU, GU and GC-pairs. Then the puzzle will solve

Here is a guide to the game. It’s an intro to most of what you will need to know as a new player. Read what you need to get unstuck. Take a look at the first two puzzle solving guides mentioned in beginning. They should get you going.

A comprehensive guide to EteRNA

Also feel free to post a picture in the chat. Use the camera above the chatbox, and we will be happy to point you to potential problem areas in the puzzle and give some advice.

Welcome in the game

[From another new user] Using “z” on the keyboard to “undo” any single step - keeping one finger on that “z” key whilst clicking nucleotides elsewhere - was a big move forward, for me.

Hi Azwaldo! I’m glad you found this shortcut. Here is a list with some more, in case you haven’t found them already.

Keyboard shortcuts