What is more important? - kcal or stability?

I’m sitting here trying to squeeze the minimum amount of kcal out of the designs, and yet wondering: Should I not put red next to red and yellow next to yellow, because sometimes you punish adjacent colors.

With GC parallels yield the lowest kcal. With AU zigzagging yields the lowest kcal.
Yet the guides say you shouldn’t zigzag because of stability issues.

A really awesome feature would be a stability-meter next to the kcal meter.

Are you picking the designs with the lowest kcal or the ones with the highest stability?

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I see now that kcal plays a role in stability, but that stability and success rate is the actual goal…

Does it vary from design to design if melting point is important?

It’s a tool, but I’ve heard that it isn’t a really important factor. Can’t say for sure though, as I haven’t really looked into it.