What's the difference between the pas_labs and past_projects API?

What’s the difference between past_labs and past_projects? Is past_labs supposed to show sublabs, and doesn’t work right, or is it an old version (or a cached version) that shouldn’t be used? It certainly doesn’t work as it should. https://getsatisfaction.com/eternagame/topics/missing_past_labs_in_past_labs

Or possible, is past_projects only for cloud labs, and past_labs only for those prior?

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this is definitely a question for jnicol – can you PM him with a link to this thread? Ditto the other lab API stuff. (I thought this used to work, so this is puzzling.)

‘past_labs’ was in use before the advent of Cloud Lab. There’s no reason to use it anymore, as all labs have been grouped into projects.