Where should I display my tips and tricks for the Lab?

If I’d like to keep a running list of tips and tricks I’ve learned by looking at past RNA labs, is there any better way to do it than:

  1. Keeping it on my eteRNA profile, or
  2. Making my own GetSatisfaction thread called something like “ccccc’s Lab Strategy”?

Putting it on my profile doesn’t really let me link people to it very easily, but putting it on GetSatisfaction implies that everyone should do it, which would be a disaster. So I’m using my profile for now, but does anyone have any other ideas?

I’m starting to think as I write this question that the profile is actually the right place for it, since it is entirely my opinion… but maybe you have a better plan or like option 2 better.

Chris, Great Profile Page! I think that is a great place to keep that stuff, I may do the same soon.

But, maybe add a link to your profile page here:


  • I had to go rifling all through the alphabetical listings to find it. :slight_smile: -d9

Good idea to place stuff like this on your profile page, Chris.

I just followed your example and added a complete list of GU competitions to my profile page:

Chris, you profile page is great! Keep up the good work! I saved the link to your profile so i can paste it into chat when questions come up!

c5, every time I visit your profile page it is better - (some other little gem of game wisdom having taken up residence there) - your collection of useful tips is on its way to becoming a true community treasure. Huge Kudos! Can’t wait to see what you’ll post next…


This is really interesting… perhaps we could create a space just for strategy guides? I’m bit concerned about separating them out since it’s nice to have a single forum.

I don’t know how customizable the GetSatisfaction forums are, but maybe a category for “Lab Analysis” or something in addition to the Ideas/Problems/Questions/Praise categories?

I don’t think I’d call it “Strategy Guides” because at this point it’s still basically just our own observations and hypotheses. “Strategy Guides” might sound a little too you-must-do-it-this-way?

@ccccc - your profile is awesome! I worry that it’s too hidden away there though :frowning:

@Ding this is certainly the best answer I’ve found so far. Otherwise we end up with a GetSatisfaction thread called “links to profile pages that contain lab analysis.” :stuck_out_tongue:

I completely agree that if there was a space for “strategy guides” I would not post this kind of content there.

Until there’s a permanent home, I’m writing up some tutorials on what different output from RNAfold means for the hard core designers asking me tough questions like I know what I’m doing :slight_smile:

I don’t, but I can at least explain some of the ideas and terminology that might be holding some back from digging deeper themselves.

linked on my profile