Which way do I go?

As I progress through the “Challenges” I have been using the “next puzzle” link but I notice that some puzzles are omitted. In one case I went from “Hammerhead ribozyme” to “Basic RNA Switch”, a jump of many places. Should I follow this or do the “in between” ones? I want to get rewards but, I don’t want to skip important steps. Thanx

hi donmcybertect,
I’ve noticed this in the past also. I don’t think that it makes any difference though. I’ve even skipped over puzzles that I didn’t feel like doing at the time. You can always pick them up later. If you notice the box at the top of the challenge page that says “uncleared”, and check it you will get all of the ones that you skipped. You must have to follow the pages some because the farther you go the harder they get. If you are new to this it would benefit you to check out the strategy guides under the community tab. I found the one by jennifer pearl particularly helpful.
good luck