Zigzag tutorial for you

We all hate zigzags. why are they even a thing? well, it is a thing because it is something that should exist and that is pretty fun.
but if people are like “zigzags are too hard” or “cant get stable”

ima gonna use https://eternagame.org/puzzles/8952198 this puzzle to explain

Alright how to make it stable

i do everything i can to make it stable. boosting, low energy. nope.
let’s try doing something with a bulge.

HMM the zig middle part is stable but there a slide. let’s try something else. a C, perhaps? maybe on the different bulge?

aha! stable! will a C work on the 0.4 energy loop?

nope. misfold.

well, guess we put either a G or a C on the bulge with 0.5 energy.

now we put AUs and GUs. SOLVED!

© ch1ck3n

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Pretty sure. But there are some angles like which zigs will be different folding. As like that race we did, ya got it??

So there are some documents will help us to understand some foldings, energies and angles.

very great tutorial ckn! Thanks!