EteRNA Medicine Puzzle Progression & Interface Feedback

yeaH there is much to learn doing the new progression puzzles.

i want to report this bug >>


Its not loading in windows 7 either. Or rather, it keeps loading.

Yes, I’m not understanding this new main page.  The first place it sends you is to the lab and you have to search to get to the puzzles.  

Mine’s working now

Hi Meechl et al.  My apologies.  There is a problem in that the production Eterna server is using the development server for the new data browser; we don’t yet have separate versions for testing and production.  So when I break something during the development process, it breaks for all players, not just me.  

Hopefully things will stabilize before too long.

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I just ran into this problem.

there are some issues with the introduction of the “blue glue” function in liquid robotics level 8.  While I am familiar with this feature I think new players may be confused with the usefulness of this function.  I tried to follow the instructions in this puzzle but I honestly got confused with the directions as to what bases to highlight and what I was expected to observe so I ignored the prompts and solved the puzzle. 

Also, when I followed the instructions to “press alt click on these two bases” I get this screen for a second or two then it will go back to normal.  that screen would occur every time I tried to use the “blue glue” function

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I too was confused about which bases to highlight. I eventually saw that they glowed slightly, but it was hard to see.

Hi create a tutorial is bringing me to a blank white screen!!! Thanks!!!     :stuck_out_tongue:

New player Etreny reported in chat today that upon completion of the NOVA tutorials, the eterna page he was sent back to states “10,000 points for level building (or something)” - they were led to believe that puzzlemaker would become available at 10,000.  I think the correct number is 20,000, although one of the devs mentioned in chat recently that may change.  Also, the NOVA website still advertises that 10,000 points will grant access to lab, but this requirement has apparently been changed for new players.  I have no idea if that’s something we can get changed, but want to mention it


I’m a little sad that the “beam to puzzlemaker” feature seems to be recently missing from player puzzle menus :frowning:

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I miss it too. I even get the go to lab bench when I’m actually inside a lab. :slight_smile:

I have a major stupid question here.  Are we talking about the progression on or the new progression on  

…have you ever tried to right-click on the applet?

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In the top right corner of a player puzzle, it says go to lab bench.  Clicking that brings you back to the “home” page.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page and there is a create a puzzle  icon.

Create a tutorial is taking me to a blank white page!!  Thanks!

Create a tutorial is taking me to a blank white page!!  Thanks!

Another bug in the side project switch tut!!!>>>>